Patti Lentz on Physical Therapy and SE

Lentz-PattiPatti Lentz is a physical therapist, yoga therapist and SEP in Albuquerque, NM.   She also teaches physical therapists and yoga teachers internationally to recognize trauma symptoms in their clients and how to skillfully adapt treatment for them. She is insatiably curious….. about how things work, and what happens when they aren’t working so well. This curiosity is stimulated by the understanding of trauma in the SE model, and she invites this curiosity to her private clients and yoga students. Patti was part of the first SE team sent by the Foundation to Thailand after the tsunami, and to New Orleans and Baton Rouge after Katrina.  Working with individuals soon after these two events helped Patti see the benefits of  helping clients to understand their own nervous systems so they are better prepared when stressful/potentially traumatic events occur.  She has adapted this experience to working with clients prior to stressful situations. See her website.

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